How do i sell this valuable domain?
At least if you donate it, you have the proof of getting rid of it. You don't stand to make money from it, because of the name. In the future you can completely stay away from non-profit organizations. They never ave any money to spend.
Honestly, I wouldn't even donate it... I would erase it and if the organization wants it, they can register ir again. I don't see it as of value, but rather as a problem source!
So you can erase it? I didn't know that you could do that. Lord knows that white out come in handy at work. It erases our mistakes. So erasing the domain may be the right thing to do.
I didn't know you could carry out that kind of option either but if there is a way to get that domain off your hands then the sooner the better. It was probably a bad move to get it in the first place but if you want to avoid trouble just dump it ASAP.
What happened? Are you still trying to sell it? Did you get rid of it? I'm still waiting for an answer, because I believe that the domain could bring you more problems than not.
I'm sorry but this is outrageous, delete the domain or keep it and don't let anyone have it. Don't sell it. In fact, don't let anyone even know you have it. That domain name is not the kind of thing you want to be seen selling in public or having anything to do with.
There are so many other simple opportunities to choose from, surely it's not that tough to think of names to register that you'd have to resort to ones that no-one else would touch. The negative implications of owning this domain MUST have been obvious to you beforehand, get rid of it and try and find some good-old fashioned normal porn names like everyone else:pinch:
haha just realised this thread is a year old... we'll I hope I helped somebody somewhere with my wise words!
:eek: :eek: The Domain is expired and i request the admin to close this thread:eek: :eek:
This domain name is not that much valuable..

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