How to build an "Authoritative Site" ?
Hi everyone,
Back..after searching for some information but is stuck.
Ok, more often than not, we all know that it is of upmost beneficially if we could get a link back from "Authoritative Site" pointing back to our site. It would help greatly in boosting up our PR and get crawl often.

Instead of getting such backlink which prove to be pretty hard in most cases, what if...we BUILD and DEVELOP such site ourselves?? :eek: Has anyone experience in this?? I know this could be hard...just trying to search for more guide.

Well, having an authoritative sites under our belt could really means something isn't it??!Big Grin
tried donating to ?

PR9 Big Grin
lol Gurpartap. thats actually a good tip, if someone can find a page that links for any donation size, and not just donations >$1000.

I know a couple of people who run authoritative sites in computer science (academia). They are both friends who just started it for fun back in the late 90s. I think that if you put energy and REAL interest in it, then you can make an authoritative site. If you plan to develop a site for making money, or for having an authoritative site, you are going to get neither.

What you need:
inbound links
interested parties
talk about your site

How you get it:
original content developed with care.. and lots of it.
Authoritative website is beneficial to develop more sales, prospects and the leads. To build the authoritative website the main focus should be on market strategic. You can use the features like feedback, surveys and the comments. Content should be informative and relevant.
Authoritative website is good to increase online business of websites . The focus should be on building back links on high PR websites to make your websites of high authority. You can generate high quality back links through Off page SEO techniques.

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