Unable to install RDS roles - Windows Server 2016STD

I am currently having an issue installing RDS on a Windows Server 2016STD. This server IS currently a domain controller. I know it's not recommended to run a terminal server on a DC but it is what is required for the situation. 

From what I understand Microsoft temporarily disabled the ability to install both RDS and ADDS on a single server, but from the info I can find on Server 2016 this has since been re-allowed. 

I am attempting to do a session-based deployment.

When trying to go through the standard deployment method, the installation fails on the RD Connection Broker role service with: "Failed: Unable to install RD Connection Broker role server on server 'Server'".

If trying to install with the Quick Start deployment method, the deployment fails at Remote Desktop Services role services with the error: "Failed: Unable to install the role services. Exception calling "Translate" with "1" argument(s): "Some or all identity references could not be translated." There don't appear to be any errors or relevant events in the Event Viewer.  

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