Using generic word / phrase in domain?
I think i am lucky in this all.
We dont have any kind of law about what domain you can register or what not?
We dont have cyber law here.
Grace Wrote:Sorry Vicki- I don't know where you could get legal advice concerning this. If I do find any I'll let you know.

yeah none exist. and can you imagine the legal fraternity actually giving this kind of information out for free!!!! that'll be the day.

the Library of Congress, Copyright divisions route probably sounds the best. A possible option is to also talk to some law students.. they can generally get this kind of information from visiting professors. would make it a little snakish but then what the hey...
I think the whole thing has more to do with who your name is close to. I've heard of people not really getting in trouble for closer violations, and I've heard of folks getting in trouble for being way off the infringed site. It really depends on the situation.
Hoosierhunter Wrote:It really depends on the situation.

Indeed. But more importantly, it depends on the intent behind it.

Here's a $64 question to ask yourself if it's potentially infringing a trademark
or not: why am I going to register this domain name?

Is it to promote my business of selling widgets? To eventually sell it to a party
who actually holds a trademark for it?

Is it to ride on someone's brand and make money off it?

Things like that. But I'm sure you get the idea.

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