Developing your domains?
I'm about to develop my first name and I'm extremely excited!!
Hey llegent,

What Zack, Ramage and Triumph posted is really a formula to make some money.
roo78 Wrote:I'm about to develop my first name and I'm extremely excited!!

Good luck!
A few weeks? Sounds like he might be hitting a sweet spot with the pr and selling before things level out, or that he uses one of those traffic exchanges to make traffic look more desirable.

I would be truly intersted in how many weeks "a few" normally is!
That does seem like a pretty small amount of time unless there is some trick that I'm unaware of. A few months seems like the more likely amount for properly developing a site into a workable and trafficked one but perhaps I'm wrong or naive in this case.
No, I would think the same thing. How can you fully develop anything in just a few weeks? I know I couldn't.
Before venturing into any business, I think we should have a business plan first. So, plan what kind of business you like to work on and then do the procedures or steps and then work on developing it and making it grow. We should provide time for this.
Domain names registered smoothly...
You can create domain names and register it in the website easily.Here "smart search" option can be used for create and check the availability of the domain names.Internationalized domain names(name in thier mother tongue) also created here.
Yes ofcourse you get a higher return by developing it. You should always provide high quality and relevant contents so your target audience so they would keep coming back on your site. In addition, you can make use of Social Media Sites like facebook, twitter to promote your product / service.
"Sometimes you have to show people the value."That's right...

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