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Even though the crash could be more than a little inconvenient, as long as the crash is due to traffic the crash could be a good sign!
Taggart Wrote:Has anybody here every had their site crash because of bandwidth issues?

I forget which site it was, but I heard about one crashing after the URL was posted on a CNN show.

It has not happen to me yet, but I know of a couple of websites that have crashed because of excess of visitors after some media exposure. I guess it is just a strike of luck, when someone gets popular for a couple of days and they get so many visitors.
I think that if you have something for sale, you should put the ad on the area for sale, and not really in the discussions area, unless you want them to be appraised.
Embedded videos can suck up bandwidth. If you can simply hot link to a page instead of carrying the clip on your site, you are better off!
That's a good idea. I was using a lot of YouTube videos embedded right into the page before but now it seems like a better idea just to host a link. I like the aesthetic of embedded videos but I'm always afraid of bandwidth, slow loading and broken links.
Bandwidth restrictions are becoming less of a problem nowadays what with the abundance of unlimited bandwidth offers. Try & get a hosting account that offers unlimited bandwidth -that way you'll have one less thing to worry about.
That is true regarding unlimited bandwidth from many providers. There are still enough other reasons that I'm not keen to keep hosting videos just the same. Thanks for the tip though; it's a good thing to keep in mind.
The problems I see with hosting videos, is that they stop being available all of a sudden if they come from YouTube. So, you just have to keep updating the page and either hosting the link if the enbeded video is not available anymore.
Exactly. That's one of the reasons that I listed before. There really is nothing worse as well than having a dead link for a video. Even if you're attentive to your page a dead video link embedded into the page will make it look like the admin doesn't care about keeping up on the page's functionality.
Unless of course you are posting your own videos. One of my friends told me that he made copies and downloaded the videos into his computer, renamed them slightly, gave the credit to the original poster and would have them on YouTube but him as the author, so he could control it to be available.

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